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Senate Passes Internet Access Tax Moratorium

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VIDEO—NoInternetTax.org President Alan Gottlieb Speaks on Fox News

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In the United States...

Despite the two year extension of the Internet Freedom Act signed by President Bush on November 28, 2001, the battle is not over.

It’s moved to the state level and we must tell our nation’s Governors NO.

Tell them to say NO to the National Governor’s Association unconstitutional plan to “streamline” taxes. Under the “streamlined” plan, a “national collection center” would be established and would monitor and store your personal information and Internet shopping habits.

Just click on “Help Us” on the toolbar to your left---we’ve prepared a letter for you to send to your Senators right now.

Otherwise, there are 7,600 taxing bodies in America who can and will act to impose discretionary taxation on the Internet.

Downloads, email, e-Commerce, MP3 files, broadband access, ISP access are all on the table for potential taxation.

If you don’t tell them to act today---who knows what could be taxed tomorrow.

This is NOT a hoax!

We’ve all seen the e-mails circulating on the Internet about various scams and schemes. These range from an imposition of tax on e-mail by the U.S. Postal Service, to one by the U.N to fund a global army, to another by the FCC to impose a per minute Internet usage tax.

Each of these myths has been debunked, visit this site for more information: http://www.snopes2.com/inboxer/pending/email.htm

NoInternetTax.org works to provide you with the most current and reliable information on issues facing the Internet.

Taxation and regulation of the Internet is a very real and serious issue. Without your help, we will not be able to fight the powerful political forces that stand in our way.

If You Believe....

The Internet is currently subject to taxation in the same manner as catalog, mail order and TV sales. Further taxes on Internet access are regressive by nature and only serve to widen the Digital Divide.

The United Nations, World Trade Organization and European Union have no right to try to impose or collect taxes on U.S. citizens.

Attempts to “streamline” Internet taxation, such as those supported by the National Governor’s Association, are not only unconstitutional but also violate consumer privacy through its “national collection center” which stores personal information and Internet shopping habits.

The moratorium on Internet access and discretionary taxes should be made permanent.

How can I help?

1) Join us! Please click on the “Help Us” link on the left toolbar to receive our updates.

2) There are three men in the Senate who are controlling the debate on this issue---you need to email them TODAY to tell them how you feel. Please click on the “Help Us” link on the left toolbar to send them an email!

3) Forty-two of our nation’s fifty governors recently sent a letter to Congress urging them to pass a moratorium against Internet Taxation ONLY if it contains provisions for SSTP. If you do not live in one of these states---call your governor and tell them that you do not support his/her decision to open the door to Internet taxation.

The governors who DO NOT support SSTP are:

James Gilmore III (VA); Bill Owens (CO); George E. Pataki (NY); Jane Swift (MA); Roy Barnes (GA); Gray Davis (CA); Ruth Ann Minner (DE); Jeanne Shaheen (NH)

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