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Informative Links

Links posted below are provided as an informational resource only. Organizations listed do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of NoInternetTax.org and its members.

If you have a link that you would like to recommend, please email us at: info@NoInternetTax.org. Thank you!

Yahoo! Internet Taxes and Regulation News
Click here for new and archived news articles on the topics of Internet taxation and regulation.

Congressional Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
The Congressional Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce was created by Congress and tasked with producing recommendations on electronic commerce and tax policy. The Commission, chaired by The Honorable James Gilmore, Governor of Virginia, completed its work with its Report to Congress and have closed their offices.

THOMAS is the best source to quickly find Congressional Bill Summaries & Status Records. Search here for full copies of the bills, by bill number, subject or sponsor.

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