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McCain Asked To Clarify Position on Internet Moratorium

Internet Tax Debate Heats up
Senator McCain confronted with conflicting positions

(BELLEVUE, Wash.) NoInternetTax.org, a leading grassroots opponent of Internet taxation and regulation, issued a letter to Senator John McCain asking him to clarify his position on Internet taxation.

“Senator McCain has sent conflicting signals on his stance on this high profile issue. At one point, he authored a permanent ban, and now he is working on compromise legislation that will open the door for Internet taxation.” stated Jennifer Holder, Executive Vice President of NoInternetTax.org. “On behalf of our members, we have asked Senator McCain to make his position clear on this issue.”

Internet taxation is currently under debate on Capitol Hill, as the current moratorium, forbidding discretionary taxation of the Internet and Internet access, will expire in October. Currently, taxes apply to e-Commerce in the exact same manner as they do for catalogue, television and telephone sales.

In the compromise legislation, states are proposing a “streamlined” system that flattens tax rates and allows Internet taxes to be collected through a national collection center.

“Consumers should be concerned that this will allow for the formation of a national database that will monitor their personal information and shopping habits,” added Holder. “Furthermore, the legislation that Senator McCain is reviewing is clearly unconstitutional as the Supreme Court has ruled twice previously that it violates interstate commerce and creates an undue burden to force an out-of-state business to pay taxes to a state where they have no physical presence.”


About NoInternetTax.org:
Based in Bellevue, Wash., NoInternetTax.org is a nonpartisan education and advocacy organization. The mission of the organization is to protect the Internet on the state, national and international level from burdensome regulation and taxation. For more information, please visit our Web site at: www.NoInternetTax.org.

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