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Talk Radio Advisory: The Internet Tax Debate Heats Up

Moratorium expires in October….is a National Sales Tax on the horizon?

WHAT: It has been called “the hottest debate on Capitol Hill, and it isn’t going to be pretty!” by leading technology trade magazine, Interactive Week. The current Internet Tax Freedom Act, or Internet moratorium, that bans discriminatory taxation of the Internet will expire in October. Congress is currently debating the terms of its renewal.

Key points in the debate are:

1. Consumer Privacy. States are proposing that Internet taxes be collected through a national collection center. Consumers are concerned that this will allow for the formation of a national database that will monitor their personal information and shopping habits.

2. Big business v. small business. Imposing taxation on the Internet results in small businesses being forced to comply with the laws and rules of 7,600 taxing authorities in America, instead of those where they actually operate. Big business is already accustomed to this structure, but a move to push compliance to smaller businesses may bankrupt them.

3. Unconstitutionality. The Supreme Court has ruled twice previously that states do not have the right to force an out-of-state business that does not have a physical presence in their state to collect local taxes. To do so creates a burden that violates interstate commerce.

WHO: NoInternetTax.org has been working for the past year to educate and inform consumers about the Internet Tax Freedom Act. Your listeners will be affected by changes in this legislation.

Jennifer Holder, Executive Vice-President, is available to discuss this issue.

To schedule an interview, or for more information, please contact Josh Dazey at: 425-455-3764.


About NoInternetTax.org:Based in Bellevue, Wash., NoInternetTax.org is a nonpartisan education and advocacy organization. The mission of the organization is to protect the Internet on the state, national and international level from burdensome regulation and taxation. For more information, please contact Josh Dazey at (425) 455-3764 or visit our Web site at: www.NoInternetTax.org.

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