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Privacy Policy

Information submitted by you is on a voluntary basis. Personal information may include name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone and is collected for the purposes of placing you in our membership database.

We do not require your personal information to obtain access to our Web site.

Our Web site contains links to other sites that may be of interest and may take you from our site to an entirely different site. Their privacy policies may not necessarily reflect the view of NoInternetTax.org, and they may not follow the same privacy policies.

You will only receive our e-mail newsletter and updates from us if you request to be added to our e-mail list. At any time you may “opt-out,” and we will remove your e-mail address from our files.

NoInternetTax.org and our Webmaster, Cfour Communications, have taken steps to make all information received from our online visitors as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use. All information is protected by our security measures, which are periodically reviewed.

Updates to our Privacy Policy
NoInternetTax.org reserves the right to change the policy on use of information collected. Any changes in policy will be noted in a revised privacy policy statement and will be posted at least 30 days prior to implementation.

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